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8 Ultimate Motivation Tips for Small Businesses

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Even the best of us can get a little run down from time to time. You’ve been working hard to meet the needs of customers in your community day in and day out. It’s no wonder you’re tired! During times like these, sometimes it can be a challenge to find that energy or motivation for business, whether you are a local business owner or an employee.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s important to kick your small business into high gear to rope in those precious holiday sales. So if you are feeling the motivation slump, never fear, we’ve searched high and low to bring you the best motivation tips to help you out during the busy season. Whether it’s the holiday rush or not, the next time you feel a little run down, try one of these tips.

 1.      Revisit the ‘why’ behind your company

To help you break out of the daily “just get through the to-do list” mindset, take a minute to think about the why behind your business. Why did you start your company? Reflecting on this question can help reignite the passion you had at the beginning of your business endeavor, and that is a powerful motivator. This exercise might also help you re-align your goals for future success!

2.      Picture the future

Did you know that the process of planning a vacation lifts your mood just as much as the vacation itself? Apply that philosophy to your business. Plan ahead for the next few months, especially since we’re approaching the new year. Looking ahead for the year to come and all the good things it presents can motivate you to work hard now in preparation.

3.      Seek feedback from customers

Spend a little more time with your customers. Find out what they want and need as well as what they like about your business, products and services. Hearing their positive feedback or ideas for growth can boost your work motivation. Bonus: you’ll gain valuable customer insight for future campaigns and business decisions.

4.      Share with employees

As a small business owner, you may feel burdened with all of the knowledge and insight you have into your business. Let go of some of that burden by sharing the ups and downs of the business with your employees, when appropriate. You’ll feel more engaged with your business support system and your employees will feel more included and motivated. It’s a win-win.

5.      Set up a company contest

Nothing motivates like some good old-fashioned competition, so organize a contest for you and your employees during the holiday season. Pick an objective or a goal for you and your employees to work towards and a time frame. Then, select appropriate prizes to reward the winners.

6.      Break your routine

Your motivation might be hiding just beyond your normal routine, so break it! This could mean adding an exercise regimen, changing up your route to work, or re-decorating your office. Think big or small to shake up your routine today.

7.      Take a little time off

Nothing helps you re-align yourself and find your motivation like a little time away. Schedule a long weekend or a full vacation to relax and recharge. Even a half-day could do the trick. The same goes for your employees. Consider giving them a surprise afternoon off or an extra vacation day during the holidays.

8.      Throw a holiday party

Finally, stimulate motivation with a little company bonding during a party. Celebrate this season or any holiday together for some down time to get to know each other. Have fun!

What is the best motivational tip you’ve ever heard?

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Party Planner and Event Promoter Becomes Powerhouse Business Consultant

Brandi Shelton Small business owners have a lot to learn, a lot of things to get up and running and a lot of responsibilities. Having a person to help guide them through the minefield of entrepreneurship is a great benefit. Brandi Shelton is just such a consultant. Shelton is the owner of Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group (UCSMG), which specializes in business management and career coaching. Shelton started UCSMG in 2002. Prior to that she worked as a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent. Shelton discovered that she was pregnant which caused her some physical issues that caused her to have to change to an office position in the Human Resources department for the TSA. The TSA has a very structured and regimented operation system and Shelton discovered that the new position wasn’t going to work for her. “You can’t be creative with the TSA. I need to be able to use my brain. Since this was shortly after 9-11, it was a very strict environment.” Shelton’s then boyfriend was starting an event management business and Shelton helped him with the organization of it. “I dealt with the contracts, the venues, the vendors… Whatever it was, I handled it.” Gif of kerry Washing to as Olivia Pope from the popular TV show "Scandal".  From AwesomelyLuvie.com Eventually, Shelton ventured out with her own business. She expanded her offerings to include business management, resume writing, staffing, branding, coaching and myriad of other service. The transition did not come without some small difficulties. “I’m a very laid back person so people didn’t take me seriously at first. People thought this was a hobby for me but that is because I love and enjoy what I do. It took me actually moving my business out of my home and into an office building for people to see that I was a serious business person and that, yes, I am charging money for what I do”. Shelton also threw a launch party signifying the official start of her brand. The video of the event can be seen on the UCSMG YouTube channel. Shelton invested about $8000 into the event. “I sent out 250 invitations and 175 guests showed up! I ended up getting three clients back-to-back as a result of the party.” Photo: Created by Sharon Moore Since Shelton started working out of the home, she knows the benefits of being an entrepreneur. “It is necessary. It allows you to grow. When you work for a company for 40 years, you lose yourself. You work all your life and retire, then what?” Shelton also says everyone has a gift. A person should be able to do what they love and get paid for it. Now, Shelton’s business has grown so much that she has split off two segments of her business. Create Life Events, (the event management business), and Staffing 4 U, (the human resource service), will be separate from the business services of UCSMG and will officially launch in January of 2015. Her ultimate goal is to grow her business(es) bigger. “I really want to get to the point where I can have a team of 25 people and pay them all $40-50 thousand a year. We’re growing and we’ll get there. I have a great team so far.” Shelton prides herself in being a benefit to people. She works to give clients the information that they need to succeed. Shelton advises business owners “Take a look at yourself. You have to be able to take constructive and professional criticism. Don’t assume that you have everything in order and that you can’t learn something new. Don’t get stuck. Do something. There is a lot of information out there to learn from. If I can give you the information you NEED, I am going to do that. If I don’t know it, I will pull out a book or a podcast and figure it out.” For more about Brandi Shelton and Utilize Consulting Service Management Group, follow their posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. You can also use the hashtag #1start1move1triumph