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#Brandi’s Principles: Get To Know Your Publicist!


Your afternoon principles brought to you from the #PR Industry.

Please note PR is not marketing, nor is it operations, distribution, personal assistant and or general business support .

They support the mission of gaining media attention, growing the visual carbon footprint in the industry you are in.

They manage press, connect with business and gain partnerships that increase your brand awareness.

They work intandom with your personal image!

Whether the brand stands alone or not the owner is a direct connection to what people buy into!

When you are ready commit to an team that supports your industry and ask questions about where their connections are and how large is the reach.

Ask, what can I do differently to grow my brand.

But in that same moment be humble enough to to listen and try what is being suggested.

Think about : if you had the answers already your brand would be all over the place.

Just take a moment and think. You will be grateful you did.

Brought to you by frustrated PR professionals that feel like you won’t listen. Lol!

They love your gift! Let them help you!