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#Brandi’s Principle’s: Adding Value


So today we have touched on a great deal! From what you wanna be to what to seek when meditating and now we can close the day with these thoughts.

Never do you seek someone to just guide you, you seek someone to listen. See whether you choose a coach, developer, mentor, manager and or business professional we all have to listen first. But what we never think of is understanding they may never agree with our vision or action.

Do you want a YES person or a let’s see if we can do it easier/better and less stressful person.

In business we get so fixed on multiple streams of income, but can you really manage all at 1 time with out the right support?

Is every dollar worth going after!

Can you r...

#Brandi’s Principles: What Are You Building?


B: Be vigilante in your approach of building the business. Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Business Owner, you will always be tasked with challenges. Top 3 things to remember:
1. They will build character for you and the company
2. They will focus you on the need of the business and the customer
3. They will bring total value to the BRAND.

U: UPDATE your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual plan of action. No longer is the Business plan for loans it is for ACTION.

UPGRADE: your way of dressing… It will change the way you are seen in both Work and Home.

The Business Appearance:
1. Dress in comfort but about the business.
a. Think about what you want or expect in a meeting or in...

#Brandi’s Principles: There Are Levels In Your Career


So yes! I am super late! But impact comes at anytime!

Today’s principle is professional and personal development!

Both levels require a sense of acceptance. When you have personal challenges or react negatively every day, hour, minute or Second. Do you flip a switch? Hmmm. Well something needs to change.

That is where the professional side comes in. Remember last week we spoke on patience, strength and guidance. Well when we develop a clearer professional stance these things become easier.

The other most serious element needed is taking professional criticism. Can you take before or after its dished? Hmmmm.

Well if you want to grow take it, absorb it and see how you can change it! As I l...

#Brandi’s Principles: How To Make It


This week has been absolutely nuts. I started out heavy-duty in work mode. Then my mother had to go to ER, then I had a bad reaction to some food. My oldest son been taking care of me and his brother. He so tired.

The principle missed from yesterday that spills over today falls into a few areas.

Patience -dont always push. Have faith and work with that belief to get to the next step.

Wisdom- always think it through. Wisdom comes from time. It is never rushed.

Guidance -be willing to be led and not always lead. It will make you stronger.

Strength -not because it’s needed but because it’s necessary. Strength is forefront of overseeing obstacles and moving from good to great.

Be blesse...

Transformation Tuesday


Today is officially Transformation Tuesday

The saying for today: is I wanna Watch>>>>>>>>
• You Conquer
• You Grow
• You Change
• You Develop
• You Take Over
Do you see the process! Conquer your fears, Grow your talent, Change your Mindset, Develop your Plan and take over your fears.

Transform your day….
I am here waiting for you to show me and then tell me how you transformed you TUESDAY!

#Brandi’s Principle: Your Investment In You!


Are you a Speaker, New Business, or do you just have a crafty idea. You see we create so many conceptual and beautiful ideas but we do not fully invest in them.

Ask yourself what was your total investment in you?
Please if you start to transact money for goods and services buy a Domain name, create a fanapage, create the Instagram, and create the email address (even if its google). You essentially create a brand by creating a platform for existence.
Now of course you will sometimes have more cost than others will depending on your time and level of skill but the essentials are clear-cut. So ask yourself…

If I am a professional and I offer services for “X” dollars why am I n...

#Brandi’s Principles: Hello FRIDAY!


Its Friday… What did you accomplish? Before you leave ensure the office, turn off the notifications and or say, “I will do it Monday!” Make sure the list or main task are complete.

1. Check all the emails and make sure you responded
2. Check all the text messages and Make sure you responded
3. Check the voicemail and make sure you took notes to respond
4. Check the missed call log and make sure you responded.
5. Check all social media boxes and make sure you responded.
See we are all busy but remember communication is KEY! So when you don’t communicate you look uninterested and unwilling to >>>> see the >>>> is where PERCEPTION becomes someone&rs...

#Brandi’s Principles: Get To Know Your Publicist!


Your afternoon principles brought to you from the #PR Industry.

Please note PR is not marketing, nor is it operations, distribution, personal assistant and or general business support .

They support the mission of gaining media attention, growing the visual carbon footprint in the industry you are in.

They manage press, connect with business and gain partnerships that increase your brand awareness.

They work intandom with your personal image!

Whether the brand stands alone or not the owner is a direct connection to what people buy into!

When you are ready commit to an team that supports your industry and ask questions about where their connections are and how large is the reach.

Ask, what can I ...