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#Brandi’s Principle: Your Investment In You!


Are you a Speaker, New Business, or do you just have a crafty idea. You see we create so many conceptual and beautiful ideas but we do not fully invest in them.

Ask yourself what was your total investment in you?
Please if you start to transact money for goods and services buy a Domain name, create a fanapage, create the Instagram, and create the email address (even if its google). You essentially create a brand by creating a platform for existence.
Now of course you will sometimes have more cost than others will depending on your time and level of skill but the essentials are clear-cut. So ask yourself…

If I am a professional and I offer services for “X” dollars why am I not reinvesting in my dream?

The average actual start-up cost is around $100.00, which may include:
• Filing fee (State) $25-$100(annually)
• Url/Domain Name ($12-$20) (annually)
• Phone Number: Free-$25.00(monthly)
• Fax Line: $10.00 (Monthly)
Time to develop is one thing, but think of all the other minor cost that go into developing that we skimp on:
• Business Cards
• Domain names
• Professionally developed Logos, One Sheets and presentation materials
• The right suit for a meeting
• The proper Phone (separate from the personal line)
• Fax Services and so much more.