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#Brandi’s Principles: Hello FRIDAY!


Its Friday… What did you accomplish? Before you leave ensure the office, turn off the notifications and or say, “I will do it Monday!” Make sure the list or main task are complete.

1. Check all the emails and make sure you responded
2. Check all the text messages and Make sure you responded
3. Check the voicemail and make sure you took notes to respond
4. Check the missed call log and make sure you responded.
5. Check all social media boxes and make sure you responded.
See we are all busy but remember communication is KEY! So when you don’t communicate you look uninterested and unwilling to >>>> see the >>>> is where PERCEPTION becomes someone’s reality.

I know! I hate it to, but PERCEPTION IS REALITY is the TRUTH! It will hurt the best relationship because we “ASSUMED” and we didn’t say.

So remember to follow the checklist and even if you have to say let me think about it at least you took time to READ, REACT and RESPOND(click send).

They real keys to being successful in business.