While a hit-or-miss approach may net you sales and customers in the beginning, at some point you will need to develop a defined marketing strategy. Short-term results may be visible for a moment, if the goal is simply to get the message out to anyone who will listen, however for continued growth, a more effective approach with a defined message to your target audience, is necessary for success.

UCSMG focuses on where you currently stand in the market place and where you want to be. We assist in developing and educating you on how to define clear goals and create strategic plans, along with providing a direct connection to discounted advertising services to carry out your plan, whether through print, web, video or social media.


Marketing is about going head-to-head with your competitors in the marketplace. UCSMG offers a variety of services so your marketing is focused, efficient and effective.

Together we will create a messaging strategy to reach your target audience at the right place and time. We will also review emerging trends to predict future opportunities. Upon the completion of your marketing consult, you will have a complete marketing plan with project goals, tactics and timelines to nail business growth and success.


What strengths make you stand out from your competitors? During this phase of consultation we will conduct a:

Competitor Review: Competitors - What are they doing, both successfully and unsuccessfully?

Trend Track: What’s new in the business world? How will it affect your overall plan for growth?

Consumer Interview/Panel Discussion Board: Do you know what your customers think about you? Does it match what you want them to think about you?

These three key steps will help us attain great results and ways to collect excellent testimonials and new insight into what will make us better.


Defined as the ability to continue the name of a product from company name to the individual that produces it. Holding a strong verbal identity ensures the brand speaks with one voice.


Your visual identity is what your customers will know. Together we will focus on building a strong visual identity to consistently build consumer trust and hold a presence in the market place.


Packaging identity is how your business looks, feels, and even smells. The packaging is a physical brand signal that connects the consumer to your product.

Answer this question: What expresses the brand’s strategic intent both structurally, and graphically?