Public Relations

Public Relations is responsible for managing and executing marketing, public relations and advertising programs and projects for diverse domestic and multinational businesses.

UCSMG collaborates with other agencies when a special combination of skills and resources will better serve the client’s needs. Al Carte services include corporate imaging and graphics design and production.

Media Relations and Publicity
News Releases
Employee Communications
Customer Communications
Crisis Communications
& Issues Management
Special Events and Promotions
(e.g. Grand Openings, sponsorships)
Investor Communications
Annual Reports
Media Training

We live at the intersection of social media, traditional PR and interactive content. UCSMG was founded in 2001 as an entertainment firm; today we lead a grounded team focused on social media and event marketing.

Strategic media relations are always the key component of effective public relations. Educating in the specialized function in media relations services: Reaching the right media outlets—specific writers and editors— with the right message at the right time.

Driving interest about the company is a Strategic Media Plan in media outlets, with customers and business partners. Visibility another great variable in media centers such as: trade journals and newspapers, keeps the current push for the top-of-brain/Tip of the tongue while supporting the organizational market leadership.

Let us show you how media relations can help drive your business forward

Raise awareness of the company, products, and services with customers and business partners, creating a leadership persona that interest and assist sells.